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Posted on Sunday, 27 September 2020
Customized Ductless Fume Hood - How It Can Lower Your Air Conditioning CostsThere are many things that go into building a customized ductless fume hood. When choosing the right type of ductless fume h...
Posted on Saturday, 26 September 2020
PFE Fume Hood FactoryThe PFE (Performance Enhancement Product Factory) is the company behind the PPE (Performance Enhancement Products) that many manufacturers use as their primary source for new mate...

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CHANGSHU CATEC ELECTRONIC, we devote to manufacture top quality dry cabinet, nitrogen cabinet, drying oven etc. Our reliable quality, advanced technology and famous brand has impressed the entire industry. Since 10 years ago, our service has spread to over 40 countries and regions and our brand-CATEC has been one of most popular laboratory brand. Our factory CHANGSHU CATEC ELECTRONIC, that is supported by CATEC, Canda, Pte Ltd with technology and financed by Chinese investors, specialized in different kinds of industry electronic and laboratorial equipments such as dry cabinet, nitrogen cabinet, drying oven, safety cabinet, fume hood, medicine cabinet. So far lots of products of our enterprise has penetrated in many industries, besides reliable quality, premium service, easy-manipulating design are famous in entire industry.