• Destop drying oven DCTG-9123A

Destop drying oven DCTG-9123A

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Model spec: DCTG-9123A

Description: air blast drying ovens with high temperature up to 250℃ for drying.

Capacity: 120L

Temperature range: RT+10~250℃

Shelf Quantity: 2 (removable and adjustable for up/down)

Inner dimensions: W550*D350*H550mm

Outer dimensions: W840*D530*H730mm

Power: AC220V 50Hz; error 0.1℃/±0.5℃;500-1050W;

Technical features:

1. Mirror stainless steel made inner working space and good quality steel for outer cabinet,

anti-static surface powder coating

2. LED display and microcomputer control and LCD display optional

3. Tempered door glass with wide view for user's observation convenience

4. Nano-material for door sealing and insulation on material for heat preservation

5. timing and alarming function

6. Excellent silicone sealant and inner circulation

7. shelves adjustable for different working space, optional for wheels

8. For drying, baking, temp testing, heating aging or sterilizing in mining industries,

electronics, labs, research institutes and other industries

9. Designed as per IPC/JEDEC J-STD-033B; CE certified.


1. Programmable LCD temperature controller

2. Independent temperature limit controller

3. RS485 interface and communication software

4. Temperature test hole

5. paperless recorder

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