1.Intelligent control system, 7’’ LED touch screen to minitor the ambinet humidity and temperatue, VOC concendration, and with alarm system, Easy to control fan speed,set and monitor all data in cabinet  

2. cabinet structure is quality 1.2mm galvanized steel with epoxy resin electrostatic sprayed

3.stronge HEPA filtration as per AFNOR NFX 15-211. The high-efficiency filtration system is arranged and distributed according to the particle size. It follows the ASTM standard. It is effective for acid gas and organic gas and has strong adsorption capacity. For particle filter, it adopts high-efficiency HEPA filter. For particles larger than 0.3um, the filtration efficiency reaches 99.995%.

4. front acrylic door with good anti-corrosive performance

5. Adjustable PP shelves with leaking holes anti-corrosion

6. PP tray(optional) ,corrosion resistant, prevent reagent bottle from breaking liquid leakage