• oil heating vacuum drying oven VD-2000P-PC

oil heating vacuum drying oven VD-2000P-PC

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Oil heating vacuum drying oven VD-2000P-PC

Key parameters

power input:AC380V 3φ 50HZ

size and rate:

model spec

inner sizemm

outer sizemm

power rate


W850×D920×H1450 (single zone)



temperature control range RT150

vacuum degree:  air pressure50Pa (resettable)

Oven structure

outer shell galvanized cold rolled steel                                 

liner stainless steel 304                                                 

heat resistant 100mm silicone insulated cotton

vacuum blower: special designed vacuum blower

              1) fast achieving uniform heat distribution

              2) cooling with the conduction oil

nitrogen pressure control: 1.0 bar ± 0.05bar (100000pa  ± 5000pa);

Hot oil heating system

hot oil heating system diagram

Construction and control

1oil furnace: heavy duty structure soldered with seamless structural steel, alumina silicate fiber for heat resistant, and high temperature cut-off valve embedded between the furnace and the oil pump.

2Electric heater: flanged heater with heating tube made of 1Cr18Ni9Ti, heating wires made of Cr20Ni80, and filler of magnesia powder, with high heat and pressure resistance.

3Professional high temperature hot oil pump, safe guarantee for long time no leakage working, inside which there are three oil circulation tubes to ensure the even heating.

4Temperature control, PID control system

5Pressure monitor:  there’s pressure gauge on the tubes of the hot oil pump and the heating tube to reflect the real pressure inside the furnace, and it will give alarm to stop the heating when pressure goes unnormal.

6Liquid level monitoring: there’s monitoring system for the liquid level, and it will give alarm to stop heating when the liquid levels down.

7Key alarming system: audible and visual alarm for overheating, low pressure, low liquid level, etc.

8Overall protection system: the protection system is based on chain reaction for the key parameters like liquid level, temperature, etc., any unnormal figure will trigger off the alarming system and react to stop the heating for overall protection.


Electric system

Omron PLC

PC operation system

temperature monitor: 6 profiles of temperature recording and monitoring, with diagram available

Security protection

overcurrent protection

system short circuit protection

overvoltage protection

vacuum pump overloading protection

open-phase protection

Overtemperature protection

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