• Ductless smart fume cupboard CFS-DS1000
  • Ductless smart fume cupboard CFS-DS1000
  • Ductless smart fume cupboard CFS-DS1000
  • Ductless smart fume cupboard CFS-DS1000

Ductless smart fume cupboard CFS-DS1000

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Ductless smart fume cupboard CFS-DS1000

Model spec: CFS-DS1000

Description: ductless smart filtration fume hood for laboratory

Filtration system: smart filtration system, internal recycling, to keep your laboratory away from pollution that caused by chemical experiments.

Filtration rate: As per standard of ASTM, for particles of 0.3um, the filtration rate is up to 99.995%

Max filtration capacity: 230m3/h

Inner cubage : 0.63m3

Working top: Ceramic or lining board (as per customer’s option)

Max power: 76watt

Max current: 3A

Noise: 40dba

Net weight: 115kg(±5% difference by lots)

Power output/input: Output 24V-DC, input 100-240V.

Optional parts:

1. fixed/movable base

2. worktop material: physiochemical/ceramics/stainless steel/tempered glass

3. filter model: SFGL OG for organic gas, SFGL AG for acid gas, HEPA H14 for dust&particles


Technical features:

1. Ductless smart fume hood, Smart control system, LCD 7` touch screen, based on the embedded ARM core processor system, with resolution 800*480, and with operation instruction attached for user’s easy checking. Humidity ±2%RH, temperature ± 0.2 °C

2. Real-time monitoring for the movement of temperature, humidity and VOC (volatile organic compounds), of which any index reaches the set limitation, the buzzer will ring for alarming. VOC monitoring: Besides the rating, there’s a nixie tube on the screen to show the pollution level 

3. Cabinet material: 8mm PP, or Steel (as per customer’s option)

4.Designed as per standard of AFNOR NFX 15-211,for normal laboratory filtration equipment. with certificated of ISO9001-2008; CE; ROHS   

5. Imported PLC draught fan. The fan will be switched on automatically when the VOC1 or VOC2 reaches the set limitation, and it can be shut off by manual work. Also the volume of fanning will be based on the pollution degree. There are 3 resettable options for the fanning volume.

5. 25W LED light

6. Worktop: quality epoxy resin board, optional for physiochemical/ceramics/stainless steel/tempered glass

7. Air intake to creat new circulating, and the overall filtering system to keep clearing the ambient air in laboratory

8. Filter working life monitoring. The original filter is defaulted to work for 20000hrs (resettable). You can see the counting down hours about the filter working life. The filter includes: pre-filter, carbon filter and HEPA filter

Ductless smart fume hood 800

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