Company History

Company History


The founder team began to develop and test electronic dry boxes and nitrogen cabinets.


Changshu Jiateng Electronic Equipment Factory was founded and cooperated with Canadian CATEC Company to develop electronic dry box.


Successfully developed unique dehumidifier units with improved structure.


CATEC Electronic dry Box has won two patents and  became one of the qualified suppliers designated by China's military and industrial units.


Products passed CE certifications, and were more and more popular during customers at home and abroad.


Through the ISO 9001 certification, and all management productions strictly in accordance with ISO standards.


Establish Changshu CATEC Electronic Intl company to expant the influence of the international market, signed agreements with lot of foreign agents to establish direct cooperative relations, with outlets in more than 40 countries and regions around the world.


Invest into the independent R&D and production of smart lockers

To further tap the potential of R&D and production, products gradually penetrate and cover the general laboratory equipment, from the past situation of simple electronic moisture-proof box to the new pattern of series products such as laboratory safety cabinet, fume cabinet, reagent cabinet, drug cabinet, staff locker and so on.


Established Changshu Jiateng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., mainly responsible for the production and sales of various industrial ovens.


CATEC Electronic lockers acquired national patents for unique lock structure.


The electronically controlled lock with improved structure has won the national patent.


Changshu Municipal Market Supervision and Administration has appraised CATEC as a contract-oriented and trustworthy enterprise. Invest into the establishment of Suzhou Pro-Point Easy Access Internet of Things Company, mainly responsible for the research and development and sales of intelligent hot cabinets, breakfast cabinets, food insulation cabinets and other intelligent storage cabinets.


With stable and reliable quality and patented unique technology, it has successfully participated in the operation of several national projects and steadily become one of the largest suppliers of electronic lockers for water parks in China. Main customers include Xi'an Lehua Hot Spring Water Park, Weifang Huaan Water Dream park, Qiqihar Marine Division Camp water park, Hasu Sea Paradise in Inner Mongolia water park, Shenyang Tiaobing Mountain Water park, etc.


Continuing to increase investment in technological transformation, we have imported spraying guns (for surface spraying process), robotic welding (for cabinet and components welding), 5-axis linkage CNC bending machine and other advanced high-tech equipment. The appearance and dimension accuracy of the product have been further improved.


Established the USA agency for product sales, promotion and after-sales service, and CATEC brand was registered successfully in United States.