• latest bottom humidity dry cabinet <5% DRY718EUD-DM3
  • latest bottom humidity dry cabinet <5% DRY718EUD-DM3
  • latest bottom humidity dry cabinet <5% DRY718EUD-DM3
  • latest bottom humidity dry cabinet <5% DRY718EUD-DM3

latest bottom humidity dry cabinet <5% DRY718EUD-DM3

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latest bottom humidity dry cabinet <5% DRY718ECD-DM3

Storage capacity:718L
Shelf Quantity: 5,adjustable
Outside dimensions:W598*D710*H1910mm  
Inside dimensions:W596*D682*H1723mm
power supply: 85-265V, 50Hz
humidity range:1-5%RH

1.quality LED disply panels with resolution 0.1℃, 0.1%RH, imported humidity sensor with error of ±2%RH, 0.5℃;
2.High grade 1mm and 1.2mm cold rolled plate, reinforced structure design, high intensity
bearing, every shelf can bear over 80kg;
3.3.2mm toughened glass.Zinc alloy lock with air tightness;
4.Power supply: AC power 85V~265V 50/60Hz;
5. ESD safe high intensity truckles;
6. Cool looking of Dark green surface for customer’s options.
7. Designed as per IPC/JEDEC J-STD-033C; CE certified.
8. Nitrogen gas input connection, with a settable flow meter, for better energy saving,With our software control, n2 will be saved for up to 70%, compared to the normal n2 system without program control.The inside humidity can be reduced to 1% in a few minutes when you start the n2 injection, When you stop using N2 gas, the cabinet still works to reduce humidity for normal usage.
9. other customized optional funtions, such as alarming, data logging, networking, etc.

Special options for customer's demands:
1) Data logging software for data reading and printing; read time up to 800hrs;
2) High flow air injection system,5-60/300LPM;
3) Independent segregated compartments;
4) Stainless steel material;
5) Low temperature baking up to 40℃;
6) Automated warning system needed, including flash and buzzer;
7) Calibration reminder clock;
8) External storage bins to be provided for document storage. The bins should be ESD safe.
9) dry module;
10) Spare shelf;
11) Slide drawer;
12) Induction LED light for door open;
13) Wrist strip terminal for ESD Safe working;
14) Small nitrogen supply machine(only for nitrogen cabinet), need to connect to compressed air machine;
15) Other options
latest bottom humidity dry cabinet <5% DRY718EUD-DM3,fume cabinet, reagent cabinet

If you want to buy directly from our distributor in your area,

pls feel free to check through online service.

auto dry cabinet, ultra low humidity dry cabinet with nitrogen,870EUD
for humidity proof storage
humidity range:
quality 1.0mm steel board
outsize dimension:
ESD safe:
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