• 5% desiccant dry cabinet DM3-U240

5% desiccant dry cabinet DM3-U240

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5% desiccant dry cabinet DM3-U240

Storage capacity: 240L
Shelf Quantity: 3,adjustable
Outside dimensions:W598*D400*H1310mm  
Inside dimensions:W596*D372*H1148mm
power supply: 85-265V, 50Hz
humidity range:1-5%RH
Compliant with IPC/JEDEC J-STD-033C, and CE/ROHS certified


1.5% desiccant dry cabinet DM3-U240  use unique LED display panels, quality imported humidity sensor with error of ±2%RH, 0.5℃,display resolution 0.1% RH,0.1deg C.

2.High grade 1mm and 1.2mm steel board, reinforced structure design, high intensity

bearing, every shelf can bear over 80kg.

3.5% desiccant dry cabinet DM3-U240 using tempered glass for each window, total 2 windows.

4.5% desiccant dry cabinet DM3-U240 has Zinc alloy lock with good air tightness.

5. ROHS certified surface painting powder; Cool looking surface for Anti ESD, static dissipative (106 to 109 ohm).

6.Power supply: AC power 85V~265V 50/60Hz;

7.5% desiccant dry cabinet DM3-U240 has four ESD safe high intensity truckles of which two in front are brakable.

8.Latest new dry unit for U type, after door open for 30 seconds, recovery time ≤15mins for <10% RH and ≤30mins for <5% RH, still dehumidify within 12 hours when power off;

Special options for customer's demands:

1)data logging software for data reading and printing; read time up to 800hrs;

2) high flow air injection system,5-60/300LPM;

3) independent segregated compartments;

4) stainless steel material;

5) low temperature baking up to 40℃;

6) Automated warning system needed, including flash and buzzer;

7) Calibration reminder clock;

8) External storage bins to be provided for document storage. The bins should be ESD safe.

9)nitrogen control box;

10) Spare shelf;

11) Slide drawer;

12) Induction LED light for door open;

13) Wrist strip terminal for ESD Safe working;

14) Small nitrogen supply machine(only for nitrogen cabinet), need to connect to compressed air machine;

15)other options

for humidity proof storage
humidity range:
quality 1.0mm steel board
outsize dimension:
ESD safe:
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